Evan Jafa

Managing Partner - IOC Ventures

I have worked with Alison at several companies over 10 years.  She is bright and inquisitive and takes time to understand her customers business and market to provide insight to positively impact the company's bottom line.  Currently at IOC Ventures, her deep inspection technique allows successful vetting of potential investments and assists our clients' ability to articulate their brand and uncover gaps in their strategies.  Alison has a natural ability to quickly connect with clients to put them at ease.  I recommend Alison to any company looking to get clarity on their brand and accelerate revenue.  



Jonathan Ginter

Founder- MagnetEye

Alison is a natural product analyst. She is highly intuitive, grabbing the essence of a product quickly and then reworking messaging and positioning to align with customer perspectives. She rapidly cuts through the fog surrounding a product to drive an organization towards product-market fit. Her normal state is “fired up”, fuelled by the understanding that the bottom line is always revenue. On her worst day, she gives 150% without fail. Most importantly, she knows that the "why" of a product is the key to its purpose and future. She's an invaluable resource in the constant struggle towards product success and I highly recommend her.


Mark Vanderbeek

Cloudify - Chief Digital Officer

At Cloudify, we hired Unfair Advantage to help us completely redo our main pitch deck to our customers.  Alison helped us hone in on messages and images that would resonate with our customers.  Before, the types of questions we would get from customers during our sales presentations showed that our message wasn't getting across.  Now the questions we get are relevant and help drive the meeting forward.  The difference is night and day.