How To Get Your Unfair Advantage:

Unfair Advantage Consulting offers hands-on custom services tailored to help you increase sales and conversion rate.  The ultimate goal is to rapidly pinpoint areas that have the greatest impact on revenue growth while reducing the cost of acquisition.  Our core services include a Tune-up, VC pitch preparation, and also 1 on 1 Business Coaching.


Success Strategy Bootcamp

Do you want your solution to be Consumable, Impactful and Essential to your clients?  Resulting in them understanding your offering, have to have it and have to have it now?  Then our 3 month Boot Camp is for you!

The 3 month program starts with a custom survey for all key stakeholders to learn your blindspots, strengths, gaps, vulnerabilities and areas to improve.  Using the survey, we will co-create an all day workshop working on a variety of topics including:

  • Core messaging that is understandable and irresistible 
  • VC or customer presentation review and re-architecture
  • Collateral review - website, partners, literature
  • Competitive positioning, objection handling and blind spot analysis
  • Inside sales or partner positioning
  • Company Mission and Values
  • Proper Preparation for Sales Calls especially Fortune 500 Companies
  • Create Your Story - Story Telling Practice
  • Whiteboarding Practice – lose dependency on Powerpoint

To reinforce the learning, client will get 3 months of 1 hour weekly calls to review progress and get feedback.

Workshop culminates with another onsite workshop to review current status and create a forward looking plan based on progress.


1.    Custom Survey

2.    Two all day on-site workshops

3.    12 One-hour weekly progress calls

I recommend Alison to any company looking to get clarity on their brand and accelerate revenue.
— Evan Jafa, Managing Partner IOC Ventures

VC FUnding Pitch Preparation

You only have one chance to make a first impression, are you ready?

  • Is your message impactful, on point
  • Do you know your market and market opportunity?
  • Do you know the difference between a VC Pitch and a Customer Pitch?

Unfair Advantage Consulting and your team work together to create a winning pitch that focuses on the key areas that VCs require to make their funding decisions.  We will run practice pitch sessions and refine the pitch so when you are in front of the VCs you are prepared and polished and stand out from the crowd.

The difference is night and day.
— Mark Vanderbeek, Chief Digital Officer - Cloudify


1-on-1 Business Coaching

Michael Phelps, Lebron James, Usain Bolt, besides being elite athletes, what do they have in common? They all have a coach! A coach takes the raw talent you already have and helps you bring it to the next level, no matter where you currently are in your game. Working with a coach your desire to excel becomes a reality. There may not be gold medals or trophies to strive for but the rewards are personally, professionally and even financially just as impactful if not more if it is moving your life forward. A coach helps you navigate the path by bringing out the best of you; growing the skills you already have and creating new ones, such as:

• Learning what motivates you
• Defining your purpose, value and goals
• Understanding what gets in your way of achieving your goals and dreams
• Improving communications style to really get heard
• Getting accountability on your action steps and making progress towards your short and long-term goals

Through 25 years in the corporate world and a Division 1 Collegiate Swimmer and 15 years as a Triathlete, Alison Arnoff has learned how to set and achieve goals, succeed, fail and move forward, remove limitations and navigate complex situations. As an adventure traveler going on solo adventures to third world countries, she has learned about challenges, intuition, expanding beliefs and boundaries, new perspectives, gratitude and more life lessons. Alison has always challenged herself to go beyond expected limits. With the unique combined power of Athlete, Professional and Adventurer, Alison works with her clients to challenge them to blast through any limits they believe exist today.

Learn about the magic of Co-Active Business Coaching by clicking here for your 45 minute sample session

On her worst day, Alison gives 150% without fail
— Jonathan Ginter, Founder - Magneteye