Welcome to Unfair Advantage Consulting


Congratulations! It is an exciting time to launch a startup.  

You have a great idea, you develop it and set it out in the world hoping to make a big impact.  However, the biggest mistake that startups make is focusing their message on what excites them about the product instead of filling a need or solving a problem for potential customers. 

It's an extremely common problem, one that is hard to recognize and even harder to correct, especially when you are so close to the problem. 

"FAST" is the new competitive advantage and having an intimate understanding of your customer is all that matters.  That is your Unfair Advantage! 

Unfair Advantage Consulting helps create a brand and message that resonates with your customers. The benefits to you are:

  • More sales

  • More quickly

  • With a lower cost of acquisition per customer

If you create a message that reflects your customers needs, sales will rapidly increase,  overhead will drop and your companies chance of success will improve greatly.  

Unfair Advantage services include a Tune-Up service to clearly reveal the value you actually bring to your customers, partners and investors.  VCs love referring Unfair Advantage to their clients because it is a cost-effective way to get a return on their investment as quickly as possible. 

Don't be satisfied with your pace of growth. In this market, you need an

Unfair Advantage!