Alison Arnoff

Alison has more than 25 years experience in management, marketing, sales and engineering, having worked for industry leaders like Intel, EMC, BMC, TRW and Level 3 and seven startups resulting in 5 acquisitions and 2 IPOs and twice even sold the company to her customers Motorola and Continuous Computing.  

Curiosity has driven Alison throughout her life.  An avid adventure traveler, Alison is always seeking new destinations to learn about how other cultures live.  She applies this same curiosity in working with her clients and fully explores all facets of their business, culture and uniqueness to help them formulate a winning strategy. 

Bringing new ideas from concept to market is the path that has guided Alison in her career. With a master's in engineering (focused on Fault Tolerant Systems and Parallel Processing) understanding multiple threads in an organization and fixing problems before they happen is in her DNA. This is how she brings a fresh comprehensive perspective to her clients.

Alison has a BS in computer engineering from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign and a MS in Computer Engineering from USC. Alison is also working toward a CPCC Coaching Certification at the Coaches Training Institute.  Alison was a division 1 competitive swimmer and an amateur triathlete.  Besides adventure travel, Alison’s currents passions are stand up paddleboarding and photography.  Alison won the Marcia Peterman Inaugural Award at the University of Illinois for her charity work and has recently worked for volunteer organizations like School on Wheels and the Special Olympics World Games.